- Web Site Strategy and Planning [2010 г.]

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[Цитировать] - Web Site Strategy and Planning
Год выпуска: 2010
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In Web Site Strategy and Planning, Jen Kramer shows that there’s more to building a web site than just implementation. She describes how to create a plan that will ensure the end product meets the client’s needs and is as efficient and scalable as possible. Jen explains how to identify the right technology for the design, whether it is CMS-driven or static, and how to organize content and graphics. She shows how to create a project proposal that includes pricing and milestones that demonstrate to the client that work is being done. She also discusses how to measure the success of the design through analytics and user feedback.


Mapping out a business strategy
Determining the right technology
Using static HTML versus CMS in the design
Choosing the right CMS
Selecting the right team, including designers and SEO consultants
Measuring the success of the design



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