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Google AdWords Essential Training
Год выпуска: 2011
Производитель: Lynda.com
Автор: David Booth
Продолжительность: 06:10 ч
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: In Google AdWords Essential Training, author David Booth teaches how to leverage the power of paid search advertising, the most direct and measurable advertising medium in existence, using the leading platform in this space, Google AdWords. This course shows how to start using this advertising platform to reach an enormous audience of potential customers with relevant messaging and measure the ROI from their activities. The course also provides an introduction to paid search advertising, an overview of the AdWords platform and interface, and lessons on keyword research, conversion tracking, and campaign optimization.
Topics include:
* Understanding paid search advertising terms and definitions
* Creating an account and your first campaign
* Targeting locations, languages, and other demographics
* Writing effective text ads and using image ad formats
* Making ads stand out with extensions
* Setting and managing advertising budgets
* Understanding bidding options
* Researching, organizing and adding keywords
* Understanding advertiser requirements and your quality score
* Installing conversion tracking code and integrating with Google Analytics
* Optimizing ads using dynamic keyword insertion
* Ad split testing and landing page testing
* Working with the Offline Editor


Introduction 2m 38s
Welcome 1m 11s
Getting the most from this course 1m 27s
1. Getting to Know AdWords29m 50s
Dissecting online advertising 3m 19s
Understanding pay-per-click advertising 3m 41s
Valuing the benefits of AdWords 3m 50s
Defining supported ad types 5m 49s
Learning terms and definitions 8m 4s
Knowing advertiser requirements 5m 7s
2. Getting Started15m 47s
Exploring where ads show up 6m 36s
Understanding the structure 3m 8s
Creating an account 2m 58s
Choosing between billing options 3m 5s
3. Navigating the AdWords Interface11m 3s
Learning the interface 5m 54s
Exploring the My Account tab 3m 17s
Understanding the updates to the Billing tab 1m 52s
4. Starting Your First Campaign20m 31s
Organizing campaigns and ad groups in your account 6m 3s
Exploring the Campaigns tab 8m 51s
Creating a campaign using the default options 5m 37s
5. Customizing Your Campaign Settings47m 16s
Targeting by location and language 7m 40s
Targeting different networks and devices 6m 5s
Understanding bidding options and setting a budget 7m 38s
Setting your delivery method 2m 4s
Adding your business location 3m 37s
Showing products from your Google Merchant Center 3m 14s
Adding extension features to your text ads 4m 20s
Setting dates and scheduling ads 5m 25s
Defining ad delivery options 3m 48s
Using demographic bidding 3m 25s
6. Creating Your First Ad Group31m 44s
Structuring ad groups in your campaign 5m 24s
Creating text ads 4m 37s
Creating image ads and using the display ad builder 6m 45s
Understanding and creating mobile ads 3m 39s
Adding keywords 4m 46s
Bidding at the keyword and ad group levels 6m 33s
7. Optimizing Your Ads30m 1s
Learning rules and guidelines for great ads 8m 39s
Learning rules for image ads 2m 30s
Writing great ads 6m 9s
Using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) 5m 41s
Testing your ads with a split test 7m 2s
8. Researching Keywords37m 41s
Valuing keyword research 3m 26s
Understanding keyword match types 6m 52s
Including negative keywords 4m 59s
Evaluating a keyword 6m 47s
Using the Keyword tool 11m 23s
Creating ad groups from keyword research 4m 14s
9. Understanding the Auction and Quality Score22m 4s
Understanding how the auction works 6m 46s
Understanding Quality Score 4m 39s
Identifying Quality Score issues 3m 9s
Addressing Quality Score issues 7m 30s
10. Using the Google Display Network29m 30s
Learning about the Google Display Network (GDN) 3m 54s
Evaluating your performance on the GDN 4m 46s
Creating a placement-targeted campaign 5m 7s
Understanding CPM bidding 3m 36s
Using the Site and Category Exclusion feature 5m 35s
Remarketing with audiences 6m 32s
11. Tracking Ad Performance24m 56s
Understanding conversion types 2m 34s
Understanding Conversion Tracking 3m 21s
Installing Conversion Tracking code 4m 48s
Learning the basics of AdWords reports 5m 50s
Integrating Google Analytics with AdWords 3m 53s
Importing Google Analytics goals 4m 30s
12. Understanding Landing Pages10m 6s
Keeping people from clicking the Back button 3m 28s
Understanding how landing pages affect Quality Score 3m 23s
Testing landing pages with Website Optimizer 3m 15s
13. Optimizing for Traffic16m 40s
Understanding reach and market share 3m 4s
Using the Traffic Estimator 3m 49s
Widening the net with keywords 4m 12s
Getting more clicks with bids 5m 35s
14. Optimizing for Conversions15m 13s
Defining your goals and measuring ROI 6m 12s
Understanding conversion metrics and using the Conversion Optimizer 9m 1s
15. Working Offline with AdWords Editor15m 22s
Understanding AdWords Editor 3m 46s
Using AdWords Editor 11m 36s
16. Troubleshooting7m 45s
Using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool 2m 14s
Diagnosing keyword problems 5m 31s
Conclusion2m 12s
Goodbye 2m 12s
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Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 159kbps



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