Actual Window Manager 7.0 Final x86+x64 [13 марта 2012 г., MULTILANG + RUS]

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Actual Window Manager 7.0 Final- -Год/Дата Выпуска: 13 марта 2012 г.
Версия: 7.0

-Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Совместимость с Vista: Полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: Полная
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный (русский присутствует)
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Системные требования:
Windows 7/Vista/2008/XP/2003/2000 (x86/x64)
Actual Window Manager — рограммный пакет из более чем 50 инновационных инструментов для организации Рабочего Стола Windows, повышающий удобство использования и производительность работы с любыми приложениями Windows. С помощью Actual Window Manager вы сможете организовать рабочую среду для удобного, быстрого и эффективного выполнения ваших задач без необходимости отвлекаться на рутинные манипуляции с окнами.-

Возможности Actual Window Manager:

После установки и запуска Actual Window Manager работает в фоновом режиме, обеспечивая:
- автоматическое выполнение широкого спектра действий над окнами, таких как: свернуть при запуске/деактивации, развернуть при запуске, закрыть при запуске, изменить положение/размер при запуске, зафиксировать положение/размер, изменить приоритет выполнения при запуске/деактивации, и многих других;
- быстрый доступ к скрытым возможностям системы («Свернуть окно в область уведомлений», «Окно всегда поверх всех», «Полупрозрачное окно» и др.) через дополнительные кнопки заголовка окна или дополнительные пункты в системном меню окна;
- поддержку механизма виртуальных Рабочих Столов;
- дополнительные средства при работе с несколькими мониторами: эмуляция Панели Задач, кнопки «Пуск» и Переключателя Задач на каждом мониторе, быстрое перемещение окон между мониторами, быстрое разворачивание окна на все мониторы;
- и многое другое!
Чем больше окон вы в состоянии контролировать одновременно, тем эффективнее ваша работа. В данной ситуации Actual Window Manager - незаменимый помощник!

Изменения в Actual Window Manager:

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
  • Changes
    Actual Window Manager 7.0 (13.03.2012)
    [!] Configuration window has been revamped.
    [!] Desktop Divider feature has been added. It allows sub-dividing the entire
    large desktop or each monitor into several non-intersecting areas (tiles).
    You can create as many custom tile layouts as you need and activate them
    on the fly as circumstances require.
    [+] Multi-monitor Taskbar: The Mixed mode is added. In this mode, taskbar on
    the primary monitor shows all running applications on all monitors, whereas
    taskbars on secondary monitors show only applications running on their
    corresponding monitors.
    [+] Multi-monitor Taskbar: The option is added to disable the preview thumbnails
    [+] Mirroring: The ability is added to run a mirror full-screen.
    [+] Mirroring: The ability is added to adjust mirror's parameters on-the-fly
    via right-click context menu. Also, you can toggle a mirror full-screen
    and back using the Alt-Enter hotkey.
    [+] Compatibility mode is added for the Lock Mouse and Ignore Deactivation
    hotkeys (try to activate it if these hotkeys do not work by default for
    a particular game/application).
    [+] Commands to save/restore the order of desktop icons are added into
    the Desktop's context menu.
    [+] Windows 7: The option has been added to control the height of rolled up
    Windows Explorer windows (either roll them up completely or leave
    the breadcrumb navigation bar visible to distinguish rolled up folders
  • Compatibility with Windows 8 Consumer Preview is improved.
  • Compatibility with Windows Snipping Tool is improved.
  • Compatibility with TechSmith's Snagit is improved.
  • Compatibility with GOM Media Player is improved.
  • Compatibility with Gyazo is improved.
  • Multi-monitor Taskbar: Compatibility with Winamp is improved.
  • Multi-monitor Task Switcher now reacts on mouse clicks.
  • Actual Window Manager is now compatible with virtual video devices
    (like those added by MaxiVista or iDisplay).
  • Further improvements of compatibility between Scroll Inactive Windows and
  • Virtual Desktops: The Independent mode is improved.
  • Classic window snapping is improved: now it does not snap to maximized
    windows and to the borders of windows, which are partially or completely
    covered by other windows.
  • The "C" command line option has been modified: now it expects a fully
    qualified name of a folder that contains alternative configuration files
    to load.
    [-] In some rare cases, window settings did not re-apply after modification.
    [-] Some window settings re-applied after saving the configuration even if
    they were not modified.
    [-] Excel 2007/2010 workbooks did not activate after clicking their
    corresponding buttons/preview thumbnails in secondary taskbars.
    [-] Active Excel sheets did not minimize on clicking their buttons in
    secondary taskbars.
    [-] Context menu did not work in the thumbnail previews for inactive Excel
    [-] Outlook 2010 left a blank button in the taskbar after launching from
    a pinned button.
    [-] Internet Explorer 9/10 shortcuts did not pin to secondary taskbars when
    being dragged from the Address bar.
    [-] Sometimes buttons disappeared from secondary taskbars.
    [-] In some cases group buttons in secondary taskbars displayed the icon of
    some window in the group instead of the application icon.
    [-] Multi-monitor Taskbar: In some cases multi-row taskbar lost its height
    after changing its properties.
    [-] Windows 7: Delays for hiding/unhiding an auto-hidden taskbar differed
    from the system ones.
    [-] With the Auto-hide feature enabled, Multi-monitor Taskbar got auto-hidden
    when placing the mouse within a preview thumbnail.
    [-] Being in both Auto-hide and Locked mode, secondary taskbar got hidden
    even if it was clicked.
    [-] Start menu on secondary monitors had no proper right border in some cases.
    [-] Start menu did not appear after pressing Win/Ctrl-Esc if the mouse pointer
    was on a monitor with no taskbar.
    [-] Windows 7: Icons were cut in secondary notification areas
    in the Windows Classic visual theme.
    [-] Overlay icons on taskbar buttons disappeared after moving a window
    to the primary monitor and back.
    [-] Taskbar buttons for windows in the new version of Google Talk showed
    in wrong taskbars.
    [-] Aero Peek invoked immediately after moving the mouse into a preview
    thumbnail, without any delay.
    [-] Sometimes tooltip showing current window position displayed
    incorrect values.
    [-] Crashes in dwm.exe happened occasionally.
    [-] In some cases, Control Center might crash upon reloading the configuration.
    [-] When launching Actual Window Manager after Stardock DeskScapes,
    Windows Explorer crashed or became unstable.
    [-] With Actual Window Manager running, capturing a video in TechSmith's
    Jing made it crash upon closing.
    [-] Windows 7: Sometimes Actual Window Manager crashed when creating
    the secondary taskbars.
    [-] Control Center might crash when starting the wallpaper slideshow
    if the number of slideshow files changed since the last launch.
    [-] Actual Window Manager crashed when trying to toggle
    the Virtual Desktops Switcher.
    [-] Virtual Desktops Switcher had numerous problems in the Independent mode.
    [-] Multi-monitor Background parameters did not update after switching
    the Background Mode only.
    [-] Windows 7: Desktop profiles with cloning could not be activated in
    the Control Center (via hotkey, at startup, via tray's menu, etc.).
    [-] Windows 7: Photos screen saver, being run in a multi-monitor mode,
    got frozen on a first image, if the "On resume, display Welcome screen"
    option was active.
    [-] Upon launching Actual Window Manager, title buttons in maximized windows
    shifted down if the Multi-monitor Taskbar was active.
    [-] Title buttons did not appear in the Windows Media Center window.
    [-] Additional commands did not appear in the Windows Media Center window menu
    after switching its window back from full-screen.
    [-] Windows that were minimized to the tray/screen via window menu command
    did not restore via Unhide submenu.
    [-] Saving the configuration changed the active virtual desktop to a first
    desktop in the list.
    [-] Hand tool interfered with the gameplay in some games (such as Cogs).
    [-] Wrap the Desktop feature did not work on a monitor where Internet Explorer
    window was maximized.
    [-] The Remove Taskbar Entry action worked unstable.
    [-] After unghosting a window with the "Unghost temporarily" key combination,
    the window could not be ghosted back.
    [-] Maximizing a window pinned to desktop in a multi-monitor system made it
    span the entire desktop instead of the current monitor.
    [-] Configuration windows stayed out of sight when they were located
    on a secondary monitor and the monitor got disabled.


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