Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) for Windows Patch: Acs-

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Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) for Windows Patch: Acs-
Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: Acs-
Разработчик: Cisco Systems
Платформа: Windows
Совместимость с Vista: неизвестно
Системные требования: Windows
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Описание: This patch provides support for Windows 2008 along with the following bug fixes.
*Bug Id:
CSCsk94878 - Windows password change does not work when PDC Emulator is down
CSCsm66268 - Group Mapping fails with Ext DB when service-type=10,if there is no NAP. on line help doc.
CSCsm20261 - TCS.log doesn't show TACACS arguments for requests coming from multi-nas
CSCsf25057 - ACS support for TACACS single-connection
CSCsm69491 - Disable users accounts still check external databases
CSCsf02761 - ACS sends the accounting-response to a wrong NAS IP address
CSCsq29364 - Password change does not work using XP supplicant against AD
CSCsq24346 - Wrong ACS version numbers in GUI of patch 1
CSCsq31732 - External DB is checked for Cached Expired user (Account Disabled)
CSCsq52930 - With NDG, services not starting after upgra to or
CSCsq58224 - Need to select the database for tacacs+ authentication at NDG level
CSCsm64286 - Request from NAS fails when default NAS is defined under NDG
CSCsm64931 - NAR doesn't filter users when Apply password change rule is selecte
CSCsq86723 - Need to select the database for tacacs+ authentication at NAS level
CSCsq77689 - Help section not available for the new option to select ext DB in NDG
CSCsm45861 - Windows DB Group Mapping failing when username is in UPN format
CSCsm43674 - Fields edited for an upgraded user, gives wrong info in AdminstrnAudit
CSCse93831 - Number of IP addresses per AAA client is limited in 4.0
CSCso42219 - ACS GUI - IP Length Checking should be increased to 16K
CSCsq65591 - Windows authentications fail when ACS install in windows2008 member serv
CSCsj60407 - ACS Backup filename is changed to uppercase letters
CSCso25557 - need toggle option for ACS and cross domain authen
CSCso39795 - Disable and Enable Network Card in S/W ACS results in Loop Back
CSCsl07742 - Support for Windows Server 2008 RC0
CSCso75686 - Support for Multiple LDAP servers for MAB
CSCsq45036 - ACS 4.2 RAC/NAP Autz - User assigned to Default Group VLAN
CSCsq79127 - CSUpdate doesn't behave correctly when doing an upgrade
CSCsq81191 - Problem in initializing the logging component of the RsaDserv.dll
CSCsq28953 - CSAuth crashes during outbound replication on Windows 2008
CSCsq09264 - "Remote Agent Config" component for Replication not applicable to s/w
CSCsr43305 - Groupmapping fails in MAB when an LDAP is selected below Internal DB
CSCsr42945 - Help not available on Support for Multiple LDAP in MAB
CSCsq10103 - Crafted EAP ID Response causes Cisco Secure CSRadius to crash
CSCsq96755 - ACS needs manual restart to recover machine authentication
CSCsq93877 - LDAP bind fails first time with clients using RSA token
CSCsq87007 - Machine Authentication fail host is not in PrimaryDNSSuffix
CSCso84928 - ACS 4.1.4 - Multiple LDAP bindings with wrong user credentials
CSCsq24607 - Replication creates new CSV report files on the secondary server
CSCsi27554 - ACS 4.1 : EAP-FAST secondary will not switch to Slave.
CSCsq00710 - ACS: RDBMs VSA Import creats invalid vendor length
CSCsm99926 - ACS 4.1 EAP-FAST provisioning repeatedly prompts for username
CSCsr95985 - CSRadius does not terminate when it cannot bind to its socket
CSCsr98419 - SSL based EAP authentication fails after replication
CSCsu39804 - ACS generates "Internal Error" whn supplicant responses with fail
CSCsu24347 - Reporting Needed for Multiple LDAP servers for MAB
CSCsu29010 - Incorrect Prompt for 'Next Token Code' from RSA
CSCsu42166 - Incorrect group name in failed attempts report for MAB
CSCsu35277 - ACS needs consistent method of ordering MAB LDAP query order
CSCsu76869 - Upgrade fails to list Internal DB under "Selected MAC DB" for MAB
CSCsu79556 - Replication: NAP enabled, Log config disabled, Log Config replica occurs
CSCsv45003 - Sybase patch 9.0.2
CSCsv10062 - CSTacacs service restarts frequently
CSCsv04715 - Excessive logging with "no challenge provided by client
CSCsk09761 - Called station id value not logged in passed/failed attempts reports
CSCsm99518 - ACS does not log authentitcation timeouts with Failed Attempts
CSCso55280 - ACS session handling for EAP packet retransmission need improvement
CSCsv49287 - PEAP-GTC and EAP-TLS may fail after replication
CSCsv65072 - Importing VSA results in incorrect value added
CSCsl79098 - ACS doesn't verify SubjectKeyID? / AuthorityKeyID? in CertChain? building
CSCsw74922 - Need support of including message of session timeout for EAP-FAST GTC
CSCsw78746 - Incomplete removal of ACS files after using Unistall / Clean utility
CSCsq13749 - Started & Completed Inbound Replica logs shows different ACS name
CSCsw61276 - Copyright information needs to be corrected.
CSCsv70331 - Restore from db backup fails to register XML files from Common Services
CSCsq43088 - ACS: Token Caching for Session not allowing multiple logins.
CSCsj99992 - RDS logs shows Merge control attr missing from PDE policy output!
CSCsx31676 - EAP performance degrades as load increases
CSCsu79579 - Doc: GUI says with NAP logging configuration should be replicated
CSCsh37811 - RDS log msg is not clear
CSCsw99081 - RSA SecurID? Token and LDAP Group Mapping not able to browse full AD tree
CSCsu79354 - CSAuth hangs under high EAP load in ACS

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