- Drupal: Creating and Editing Custom Themes

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[Цитировать] - Drupal: Creating and Editing Custom Themes
Дата выпуска:12/8/2009
Язык: Английский
Видео кодек: H.246
Видео: QuickTime (.MOV), 960 x 600
Аудио: MPEG-4 AAC, 48000Hz 96 kb/s , mono (1/0)
Продолжительность: 04:12
Системные требования:
* MacOS X
* QuickTime 7.5 или выше
Drupal is widely recognized as a powerful back-end system for web sites, but Drupal: Creating and Editing Custom Themes shows how the application can also be used to manage the look and feel of a web site. Web architect and author Chris Charlton introduces the core themes that ship with Drupal. He shows how to install and administer new themes, change color schemes, and add sub-themes to existing themes. He also demonstrates how to build a custom theme from scratch; integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; and apply themes to specific nodes and blocks. Exercise files are included with this course.
Software works on: Mac and Windows.


Welcome 01:03 8.4 MB
Using the exercise files 07:16 9.2 MB
1. Drupal Themes
Learning about Drupal themes 02:00 4.3 MB
Building sites today with Drupal 01:07 2.1 MB
Required knowledge and software 02:10 2.7 MB
2. Getting Drupal Ready
Installing Drupal 6 using Acquia 04:04 4.7 MB
Configuring the appropriate modules for a Drupal site 01:59 2.9 MB
Creating pages with standard node content types 04:48 6.4 MB
Creating custom node content types 06:19 8.6 MB
Adding RSS secondary content 03:11 6.8 MB
Finalizing site navigation 02:17 2.5 MB
3. Essential Tools and Modules For Theme Creation
Installing the Theme Developer module (aka Devel) 06:27 8.7 MB
Ensuring cross-browser compatibility with conditional style sheets 05:16 9.7 MB
Using Firefox extensions for site development 06:57 9.3 MB
Working with Dreamweaver 03:20 3.9 MB
4. Theme Administration
Choosing a default theme 02:05 2.9 MB
Touring the core themes 05:25 8.1 MB
Configuring global theme features and post settings 04:46 5.7 MB
Adding a logo and shortcut icon (favicon) 04:07 4.7 MB
Setting the administration theme 04:00 5.0 MB
Installing a new theme 03:47 6.4 MB
Positioning blocks in theme regions 05:56 7.3 MB
Setting user theme permissions 05:07 7.9 MB
5. Modifying Existing Themes
Using the Color module to change color schemes 05:00 6.6 MB
Preparing to build a sub-theme 07:13 9.1 MB
Building a sub-theme: Creating the .info file 08:51 11.2 MB
Building a sub-theme: Adding custom styles (CSS) 07:25 9.2 MB
Building a sub-theme: Adding custom theme regions 12:07 15.4 MB
6. Creating New Themes
Exploring a theme folder 03:19 3.0 MB
Setting up a theme .info file 04:07 6.2 MB
Adding styles (CSS) to a theme 07:09 9.0 MB
Including a style sheet for right to left readers 01:43 1.7 MB
Creating a print style sheet 03:30 4.6 MB
Adding JavaScript to a theme 05:49 8.3 MB
Adding graphics and images to a theme 03:07 3.7 MB
Understanding theme templates (tpl.php) 03:19 3.2 MB
Understanding template variables 02:57 3.6 MB
7. Page Templates
Understanding page templates 08:02 9.8 MB
Creating a template to theme every page (page.tpl.php) 06:54 9.3 MB
Creating a template to theme just the front page (page-front.tpl.php) 04:33 7.9 MB
Creating a template to theme individual pages (page-node-nid.tpl.php) 03:43 5.2 MB
Creating a template for "site offline" maintenance pages 07:21 10.1 MB
8. Node Content Templates
Understanding node templates 04:24 5.1 MB
Creating a template to theme every node (node.tpl.php) 02:16 3.1 MB
Creating a template to theme custom node types (node-type.tpl.php) 05:10 6.7 MB
Discovering node templates using the theme developer module 01:30 1.9 MB
9. Block Templates
Understanding block templates 03:32 4.0 MB
Creating a template to theme every block (block.tpl.php) 02:37 3.4 MB
Creating a template to theme an individual block (block-module-delta.tpl.php) 08:26 11.4 MB
Creating a template to theme all blocks from a single module (block-module.tpl.php) 03:41 4.8 MB
Creating a template to theme all blocks in a certain region (block-region.tpl.php) 03:16 4.2 MB
10. Other Templates
Exploring the comments template (comment.tpl.php) 05:20 7.1 MB
Exploring other core modules and their templates (other tpl.php files) 02:13 3.8 MB
11. Troubleshooting and Finishing Up
Removing unnecessary modules 01:43 2.5 MB
Optimizing site performance 02:17 3.6 MB
Streamlining site files for launch 01:26 1.7 MB
Troubleshooting when a white screen appears instead of Drupal 03:15 5.2 MB
Touring Drupal community groups 01:24 1.7 MB
Goodbye 00:11 0.2 MB



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