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Drupal 7 Advanced Training
Дата Выпуска: 17 Мая 2012
Производитель: Lynda.com
Автор: Tom Geller
Продолжительность: 7h 50m
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Перевод на русский: НЕТ
GUI: нет
Software works on:
Mac and Windows
Описание: This course teaches web site designers how to take their sites to the next level with a few advanced techniques and the free and open-source Drupal software. Author Tom Geller shows how to configure the most popular add-on modules; use *nix commands and an FTP program to manage a Drupal site on a web server; change its visual appearance using the latest graphical tools; automate and speed through common tasks with Drush; integrate with social media sites; and see how "supermodules" like Panels, Context, Rules, and Features open up new worlds of code-free development.
Topics include:
Moving a site from the development environment to production
Hosting a Drupal site
Moving databases with phpMyAdmin and Unix commands
Making site administration more efficient with Drush
Backing up site data
Moderating comments
Migrating from previous versions of Drupal
Working with themes
Creating variable layouts
Enabling social features
Creating an online store with Drupal Commerce-


Introduction4m 51s
Welcome 1m 7s
Planning your Drupal career 3m 44s
1. Moving from Development to Production25m 46s
Comparing development and production environments 6m 22s
Configuring your settings.php file 7m 10s
Running multiple sites from one Drupal installation 7m 32s
Troubleshooting common issues 4m 42s
2. Hosting Drupal on the Web51m 29s
Understanding your Drupal site's place on the web 2m 44s
Selecting a web host 7m 20s
Using Unix's command-line interface 8m 23s
Working with your web host's access restrictions 4m 51s
Using cPanel and other graphical web host interfaces 3m 49s
Transferring files to and from your web host 5m 49s
Moving databases using phpMyAdmin 6m 34s
Moving databases using Unix commands 6m 8s
Modifying server configuration files 5m 51s
3. Building Out Your Site27m 10s
Learning from case studies 3m 13s
Planning your site 4m 18s
Populating your site with Devel Generate 3m 42s
Managing URL paths 3m 20s
Restricting access to downloadable files 5m 55s
Reusing site components with the Features module 6m 42s
4. Speeding Up Site Administration with Drush21m 53s
Understanding and installing Drush 5m 23s
Installing Drupal using Drush 7m 24s
Building a site using Drush 9m 6s
5. Keeping Your Site Safe and Secure31m 59s
Backing up with the Backup and Migrate module 8m 17s
Moderating comment spam 6m 47s
Migrating from Drupal 6 4m 28s
Migrating to Drupal 7 12m 27s
6. Integrating with Other Sites22m 24s
Letting users log in through OpenID 5m 10s
Letting users log in through Facebook, Twitter, and other services 9m 43s
Republishing posts on Facebook and Twitter 7m 31s
7. Changing Your Site's Design without Coding1h 5m
Understanding Drupal's base themes 5m 55s
Introducing base themes: Zen and subtheming 11m 35s
Introducing base themes: Fusion and extensibility 10m 44s
Introducing base themes: AdaptiveTheme and responsive design 7m 25s
Introducing base themes: Omega and mobile devices 7m 9s
Using Firebug and other theming tools 7m 20s
Modifying themes with Sweaver 6m 59s
Modifying themes with Livethemer 8m 45s
8. Making Your Site More Reactive49m 35s
Understanding the Rules module 6m 48s
Demonstrating how Rules works in Drupal Commerce 3m 53s
Creating practical rules 6m 37s
Improving rules 9m 10s
Defining conditions with the Context module 7m 51s
Varying layout with the Context and Delta modules 5m 0s
Varying layout with the Panels module 10m 16s
9. Making Your Site More Social52m 46s
Enabling social features 9m 46s
Implementing a voting system 9m 15s
Rewarding good behavior with the Userpoints module 5m 57s
Setting up Organic Groups 6m 28s
Adding content to groups 2m 21s
Seeing group activity better with views and panels 10m 13s
Making groups private 4m 54s
Letting each group have its own permissions 3m 52s
10. Touring Drupal 7 Web Applications25m 32s
Understanding packaged Drupal distributions 2m 8s
Getting a head start with Acquia Drupal 7m 28s
Creating online storefronts with Drupal Commerce 6m 53s
Creating government web sites with OpenPublic 9m 3s
11. Final Project: A Political Campaign Site1h 30m
Taking the assignment 3m 26s
Planning the project 3m 43s
Preparing the infrastructure 8m 42s
Starting the design 7m 35s
Filling in the content 7m 29s
Developing the layout 10m 27s
Finishing the layout 7m 8s
Refining the CSS 6m 32s
Setting up sections for regional offices 4m 53s
Configuring regional offices 7m 18s
Connecting to social media 5m 9s
Cleaning up 12m 32s
Securing the site 5m 56s
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Формат видео: mov
Видео: AVC 960x540 15fps ~200Kbps
Аудио: AAC 48kHz 2ch 96Kbps-



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