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Joomla! 2.5 Essential Training
Год выпуска: 2012
Производитель: Lynda.com
Продолжительность: 8:30 ч
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: In Joomla! 2.5 Essential Training, Jen Kramer uses Joomla! to build a web site from scratch—no programming required—and guides site designers through the process, from installation to launch. The course demonstrates how to create and organize content; add menus, sidebars, and other features; change the look with templates; install plug-ins and extensions; assign specific users to create and edit content; and much more. Jen also shows how to evaluate the quality of third-party extensions and templates and how to download and install them, and emphasizes the importance of backups for your Joomla! site, with details on creating and storing those backups.
Topics include:
* Understanding a content management system (CMS)
* Comparing a CMS-driven site to a static HTML site
* Installing Joomla!
* Organizing content within Joomla!
* Creating categories, articles, and menus
* Installing third-party extensions and templates
* Managing users and their permissions
* Changing the look of the site with templates
* Launching a Joomla! site


Introduction 17m 19s
Welcome 01m 06s
Using the exercise files 01m 14s
Understanding Joomla! 07m 15s
Planning a web site 03m 06s
Understanding Joomla's release cycle and its versions 04m 38s
1. Installing Joomla! 23m 38s
Understanding the installation process 02m 06s
Running Joomla! locally vs. running Joomla! on a web host 04m 05s
Web hosting overview 02m 55s
Installing Joomla! 2.5 10m 29s
Restoring the site from a backup (the jump-in files) 04m 03s
2. A General Overview of Joomla! 22m 04s
A quick tour of the Joomla! interface 07m 52s
Modifying the Global Configuration 07m 34s
Using the Media Manager 05m 10s
Creating content in Joomla! 01m 28s
3. Creating Categories 07m 49s
Creating categories for a site 05m 29s
Modifying categories 02m 20s
4. Creating Articles and Basic Formatting 45m 21s
Creating individual articles 04m 34s
Formatting articles 08m 25s
Adding an external link 03m 53s
Adding article images 05m 13s
Using Read More 03m 42s
Adding articles to the featured page 13m 20s
Deleting and restoring articles 06m 14s
5. Creating Menus for Your Site 58m 04s
Understanding and configuring menus 03m 27s
Linking an article to the menu 03m 15s
Understanding parent and child menu items 03m 59s
Configuring category blogs 02m 32s
Advanced category blog configuration 08m 51s
Configuring category lists 04m 57s
Advanced category list configuration 03m 52s
Creating a featured blog for news 04m 45s
Formatting the homepage 06m 45s
Deleting menu items 02m 19s
Configuring submenus 07m 30s
Creating a new menu and displaying it on the site 05m 52s
6. Advanced Article Formatting 51m 14s
Installing and using the Joomla! Content Editor (JCE) 05m 46s
Adding an internal link 02m 58s
Linking to a PDF or other document 07m 30s
Dividing and formatting long articles using page breaks and the Pagebreak plug-in 07m 04s
Customizing which HTML tags are permitted by changing the text filter in Joomla! 07m 34s
Customizing JCE's interface for specific user groups 07m 31s
Adding a YouTube video to an article 04m 34s
Using article-specific images and links 08m 17s
7. Setting Display Options 27m 41s
Working with global article options, specific article options, and menu options: Which wins when? 08m 31s
Setting menu options 04m 26s
Setting individual article options 02m 33s
Comparing page headings, article titles, and browser page titles 05m 15s
Turning off the homepage heading 01m 31s
Setting individual article configuration options 05m 25s
8. Using Modules 39m 00s
Configuring modules 04m 06s
Creating a custom HTML module 04m 46s
Assigning a module to the site 02m 24s
Creating a breadcrumb module 03m 46s
Creating a random image module 04m 50s
Creating a newsflash module on the homepage 04m 54s
Adding a Twitter feed 06m 45s
Including a module in an article using loadposition 07m 29s
9. Using Components 39m 37s
Using the content component 01m 51s
Using the contact component 06m 50s
Configuring CAPTCHA for a form 04m 17s
Creating a contact list 05m 49s
Using the web links component 09m 36s
Using the redirect component 05m 31s
Exploring search and the Finder in Joomla! 2.5 05m 43s
10. Using Templates 25m 22s
Changing the look of the site using templates 02m 33s
Setting the default template style and assigning template styles 03m 03s
Creating new template styles 04m 24s
Adjusting template masters with the HTML and CSS editors 06m 02s
Changing the admin template 05m 03s
Exploring Joomla! templates from third-party providers 04m 17s
11. Creating a Web Site with Multiple Languages 57m 05s
Overview of configuring a multilanguage site 02m 40s
Downloading and installing the French language pack 04m 30s
Creating the French content language 02m 49s
Adjusting category structures for multiple languages 05m 07s
Creating French language categories and articles 08m 14s
Creating the English menu and a universal homepage 07m 03s
Creating the French menu 05m 43s
Changing the menu modules on the site 03m 52s
Creating French and English template styles 04m 47s
Creating the language switcher module 02m 27s
Enabling the language filter system plug-in 01m 42s
Configuring menu item associations 03m 40s
Exploring language overrides 04m 31s
12. ACL Essentials 33m 44s
Introduction to access control lists (ACL) 01m 36s
Exploring Joomla's default user groups and permissions 03m 28s
Creating a user 04m 16s
Exploring the default access levels 01m 57s
Configuring content for ACL 04m 22s
Configuring user registration 06m 23s
Configuring the login box 03m 38s
Allowing users to modify user details 02m 12s
Extending user profiles 04m 03s
Using user notes 01m 49s
13. Extending Joomla! 2.5 19m 25s
Evaluating extensions in the Joomla! Extensions Directory 07m 00s
Installing Akeeba Backup 02m 56s
Creating a backup with Akeeba Backup 04m 42s
Creating a site map with XMap 04m 47s
14. Launching Your Site and Beyond 41m 11s
Launching your site 12m 33s
Create a mobile version of a site with Mobile Joomla! 06m 06s
Placing a site in offline mode and changing the offline image 03m 57s
Thinking about site maintenance and front-end editing 04m 31s
Exploring the Joomla! update notification and extension update notification icons 06m 35s
Exploring additional Joomla! resources and opportunities to participate 07m 29s
Conclusion 01m 54s
Goodbye 01m 54s
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Видео: AVC 960x600 15fps ~200Kbps
Аудио: AAC 48kHz 1ch 96Kbps



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