Magix - Samplitude Pro X / Suite x86 x64 UPDATE ONLY [3.01.2012]

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Magix - Samplitude Pro X / Suite-Разработчик: Magix / Дата выпуска: 3.01.2012 / Версия: / Платформа: WIN (32bit.64bit) / Лекарство: Присутствует
Системные требования: 1.5 GHZ CPU, 1 GB RAM
Релиз-группа: ASSiGN
-Обновление для программы Samplitude Pro X Suite.
Запускаете patch_samplitude_prox_suite_12.0.2.104, потом patch_samplitude_vita_12.0.2.100 и crack_samplitude_prox_suite_12.0.2.104.
64 Bit
-AM-Suite: 64 Bit versions of AM-Pulse and AM-Track available
-x64 ObjectSynths: Problems with duplicating objects and unfreeze -fixed
-Melodyne crashes -fixed
-Rewire 64 bit added (DLLs are located in Customize/Rewire and might need to be copied if client has not copied them already)
-Sometimes sample shift with destructive effects -fixed
Mixer / FX
-eFX updated
-AM-Suite updated
-Independence + Vita fixes
-Instabilities with Melodyne and hybrid engine -fixed
-Problems with track editor if all sections were expanded -fixed
-Essential FX with VST-Preset Handling
-Mixer Snapshots:
-Solo safe included
-Optional: Input REC/MON included (can be switched on by context menu)
-Fixes for AUX/Submix handling with different track count
-Drag'n'drop of VST didn't work correctly with open editor -fixed
Object Editor
-Mark current snapshot by green dot
-LR display in pan section
-Fix for object color change in unskinned Object Editor
-Checkboxes in main automation menu were set wrong -fixed
-Missing update between show buttons in OE/TE -fixed
-Track Editor now only shows track automation, old behavior can be triggered with
-Object automation off did not work for object volume and VST automation -fixed
-Object/track automation off did not work for AUX automation -fixed
-RMS/VU meter value can now be displayed
-Several drawing problems (spectroscope scales, peakmeter values) -fixed
-PPM meter value display rounding problems -fixed
Improvements for visually impaired users
-Updated Setup_VisuallyImpaired.INZ
-Managers open in un-skinned mode
-Manager lists can be left with Tab/Shift-Tab
-Time Display: Display of values in window title
-MIDI Editor Play Cursor moving: anti-jitter protection
-Fast forward/backward commands are in full bar steps now
-ME command "Split Notes at Play Cursor" added
-ME commands: clear selection, select note at play cursor position
-Selection commands like "toggle" and "select all" can now refer only to the curve editor if it has the focus
-Fix: total horizontal zoom in MIDI Editor on new objects
-Almost all arranger shortcuts are now passed through from MIDI Editor
-MIDI Editor: default shortcut for "Create pattern" now Ctrl-Shift-P (instead of Ctrl -P)
-Fix missing beams in Score Printing
-MIDI Editor lost Zoom - Bugfix
-MIDI Editor unwanted play solo - Bugfix
-Create-Click-Track Bugfix
-Wrong notes overlap in created MIDI triggers -fixed
-Ini setting [Setup] DisableMicroQuantize=1
-Keep sample-exact MIDI positions on object split (despite beat snap is on and keep musical positon for MIDI objects, or DisableMicroQuantize is on)
-Copy/paste of empty MIDI objects resulted in damaged MIDI objects -fixed
-MIDI Editor update missed after changing the play cursor position via typing in transport -fixed
-Extract MIDI Automation Curves from Object" now available as menu command
-TempoMap: SlideEndJump (ritardando/accelerando) type tempo markers were not saved correctly -fixed
Hardware Controller
-SSL Nucleus added
1. Choose profile "Samplitude Default" in the Setup Tool of the SSL Nucleus. If it’s not shown there, you can add with "Edit Profiles" > "Restore". The file can be found in folder "InstallPath\Customize\SSL Nucleus\".
2. The SSL Nucleus is connected with the PC via Ethernet. SSL ships a tool that provides virtuelle MIDI-Ports (IPMIDI Ethernet Midi Ports). Configure a minimum of 2 ports. Deactivate the "Loop back" option.
3. In Samplitude/Sequoia System Settings/Hardware Controller press "New" and add "SSL Nucleus (MCU)_1" from the list.
4. Add "SSL Nucleus (MCU)_2" as well.
5. Make sure the „SSL Nucleus (MCU)_2“ is positioned with a line feed under "SSL Nucleus (MCU)_1"
6. Set the MIDI-Ports for both controller units.
7. Close the dialog. Your controller can be used now.
-Freeze problem (mostly in EUCON) -fixed
-Scrub-/Jog-Wheel was lagging behind -fixed
-Automation mode was only toggled in active track -fixed
-Latch automation: Missing reset to Read after stop of playback -fixed
-Memory leak when controlling plug-ins, program became sluggish -fixed
-Update problems as side effect of freeze problem -fixed
-Panorama value range has been optimized
-Time Display didn't work in MC Pro + MC Transport -fixed
-AppSet does work again
-SoftKnobs are kompatible with sets created in V11.2.
-Fader value display was different to Sam/Sequoia display -improved
-AUX can be deactivated at Controller
-Knobs: Push to reset a knob and further change of the value is possible now
-Automation has been improved by usage of Fadertouch
-Ports of hardware controller were sometimes not remembered -fixed
-Problems with Tascam US-2400 (Fader, VPots) -fixed
-Active Control only worked in active track -fixed
-Problems when learning Faderport -fixed
-Fader range up to +12dB
-Controller-Display: Problems with automatic toggle between knob function and track name when changing active track -fixed
-Controller-Display: Problems in Plugin-SelectMode when plug-in is added -fixed
-AnySoloLED didn't work -fixed
-ActiveControlMode : Touch and Release were sometimes assigned to the wrong track -fixed
-_ProgramData.lnk is not processed inside Samplitude/Sequoia anymore, just generated (for easy access to content directory by user)
-"Dongle not found" message after idle time -fixed
-Open AudioExport in Project folder: [Export] ShowProjectDir=1
-Batchprocessing: 24 Bit FLAC support
-24 Bit recording set as default
-AAF/OMF Import: Overwrite requester if Wave File already exists
-OE: asymmetric crossfades: checkmarks for context menu, global preset handling
-New Project:
-Templates: Subfolders are supported, last setting is remembered
-Fix for project directory (old behavior with OldChooseDirectoryBehavior)
-Improved volume and pan handling in arranger (Canis, Camo, Carbon)
-Works now like in Mixer or Track Editor
-Automation read/write
-Volume range to +12 dB
-Double click works for switch between current and default value (and back)
-More precise volume/pan/AUX control and peak displays
-Volume, pan and AUX send values now accurate to 0.1 dB starting with -90dB
-Peak display in master and visualization now accurate to 0.1 dB even for low values Edit selected curve ->Logarithmic to switch between old linear behavior (when loading old projects) and new logarithmic v12 behavior
-Realtime-Trimming didn't work correctly in logarithmic mode -fixed
-OE: Problems with AUX-Buttons and R->L Routing -fixed
-OE: Improved keyboard handling, most of the shortcuts are passed through to Arranger
-Missing * after Reset TrackFX Menu -fixed
-Smooth Scrolling display problem with "Section Left/Right" -fixed
-CPU numbers are now stored in _audio.ini (for old ini's still read from .ini)
-Crashes after adding several tracks -fixed
-Mixer Canis/Camo/Carbon: Snapshot button No. 7 didn't work -fixed
-Mixer Carbon: AUX, Plug-ins, EQ caption was missing for active track -fixed
-Crash in Object Editor after inserting FX Inserts and cahnge of objects -fixed
-MIDI-Editor: Q-Dialog Save Preset Button didn't work -fixed
-MIDI-Editor: Update Range missing after VIP "Remove Range" -fixed
-RecordVisualization position was not saved in INZ container -fixed



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