BluffTitler DX9 7.6.5 + Russian manual.pdf

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BluffTitler DX9 7.6.5 + Russian manual.pdf
Добавлен russian manual.pdf
Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: 7.6.5
Разработчик: Outerspace Software.
Платформа: windows XP, Vista
Системные требования: -DirectX version June 2007 or later
-Intel Pentium compatible processor (Pentium III 800 MHz or better recommended)
-128 MB RAM, 10 MB available hard disk space
-Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card with hardware vertex shader support
Язык интерфейса: 34 different languages + русский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Описание: BluffTitler DX9 - это программа для создания красивых текстовых эффектов, применяемых при DVD-авторинге, а также трехмерной мультипликации. Результат можно просматривать в реальном времени с экспортом в картинку, видео формат, VJ и вебсайты. Мультипликации построены из слоев, которые могут отделяться независимо. Программа поддерживает множество различных типов слоев: камера, свет, текст, картика, видео, плазма, частица и аудио и т.д. Слои могут быть связаны друг с другом для создания специальных эффектов.

Эффекты, которые могут быть созданы в BluffTitler:

* golden beveled titles
* blood dripping titles
* JPG textured titles
* MPG textured titles
* slimy titles
* hairy titles
* exploding titles
* reflection mapped titles
* twisted titles
* cartoon shaded titles
* golden glowing titles
* spooky lightened titles
* titles with silver spikes
* jumbling titles
* inverted titles
* bouncing titles
* powerfield emitting titles
* titles with flying hearts
* pumping titles
* plasma backgrounds
* background videos morphing into donuts
* particle effects
* MP3 audio
* morphing JPG pictures
* exploding video backgrounds
* fractal backgrounds

BluffTitler technical specifications:

Import file formats
vector fonts: True Type (.TTF), Open Type (.OTF) and Type 1 fonts.
bitmap fonts: Bitmap fonts created with Alphabix.
pictures: .BMP(including 32 bits), .TGA(including 32 bits), .JPG, .PNG(including 32 bits), .DDS (including cubemaps and volume textures) and .DIB.
video: .ASF, .AVI, .MPG, .MPEG, .QT, .WMV and animated GIF. BluffTitler uses DirectShow to play videos. For example it requires a DirectShow MPEG-2 decoder filter in order to play MPEG-2 files. GIF animations are played using GDI+.
audio: .MP3, .WAV and .MID.
vector drawings: .EPS (limited support)
3D models: .X
Export file formats
pictures and numbered frames: .BMP(including 32 bits), .TGA(including 32 bits), .JPG, .GIF, .TIF and .PNG(including 32 bits).
Video: uncompressed AVI, uncompressed AVI with alpha transparency (RGBA) and Compressed AVI. BluffTitler uses the OpenDML AVI File Format Extensions to create files bigger than 2 GB. BluffTitler is a visual effects application, only the visuals are exported.
Realtime modes
Editor, Player, Command line and VJ MIDI controlled.
Types of layers: Camera, Light, Text, EPS, Picture, Video, Video Capture, Plasma, Particle, Audio, Passe-Partout, Model, Scroller, Sketch, Voxel and Container.
Layers can be animated independently and have their own timeline.
Operations on layers: add, delete, clone, attach border, attach particles, attach plasma, remove all attached layers.
The result can be played in realtime by the editor, the player or exported as an AVI file.
Tweening methods: Constant Speed, Accelerate, Decelerate, Accelerate and Decelerate, Damper, Bouncer, Outside, Pumping, Pingpong, No Animation, Bezier Spline.
Resolutions: anything your graphics card is capable of.
Framerate: in realtime mode this depends mostly on the power of your graphics card. On a GeForce 4 a typical BluffTitler animation runs around 60 frames a second. When exporting as an AVI file the framerate can be anything between 1 and 100 frames a second.
Innovative special effects
Realtime shadows
Blob (Metaballs) rendering
Built-in particle system
Layer Hierarchy
Vertex and pixel shader effects including sphere mapping, cube mapping, bump mapping and tonal art mapping
Realtime morphing
Plasma textures
MPEG-2 video textures
Realtime filter effects of live video
3D model particles
Dynamic content through XML
Video tools
Export to uncompressed AVI with transparency and serial TARGA frames with transparency for maximum quality and compatibility with DVD authoring tools.
Presets like SVCD, DVD and Widescreen in NTSC and PAL format.
Screen and pixel aspect ratio (DAR & PAR) support.
Correct NTSC framerate export of 29.97 frames per second.
Safe area and Crosshair display while editing.
Chroma key and transparency export support.
Realtime video capture layer.
Keyframe functions: create key, delete key, delete all keys, copy key, paste key, move key.
Timeline functions: scale to new length, attach/remove time, insert/remove time, jump to next/previous key.
Player command line options
BluffTitler path [/?] [/F] [/L] [/Q] [/W=x]
/F Fullscreen
/L Looping
/Q Quits after playing
/W=x Plays the show in a child window of x (unsigned decimal number)
Type "BluffTitler /?" from the command prompt for more info
Render qualities
Low, Normal and High quality. For example: in low quality mode an Arial 'S' without a bevel is built out of 144 triangles, the same character with a round bevel in high quality mode is rendered in 3224 triangles.
Character sets
The following character sets are supported: Unicode, ANSI, Baltic, Central Europe, Greek, OEM, Cyrillic, Symbol, Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Japanese (Shift-JIS), Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean (Johab), Korean (Hangeul).
The built-in language is English. The GUI has been localised into 34 different languages, including Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian. All GUI texts, except error messages are translated.
The buttons of the GUI can be changed by loading a special .BMP file



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