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MagicDraw UML Enterprise v16.0 + Teamwork Server v16.0 by ZWT- Версия: 16.0
Разработчик: MagicDraw
Платформа: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Совместимость с Vista: Да
Язык интерфейса: Английский + Русский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Системные требования:
minimum - PentiumTM 3, 800 MHz/768 MB/HDD400MB/800*600 @ 64k colors
recommended - PentiumTM 4, 1.4 GHz or higher/1 GB RAM or 2 GB RAM is recommended for Vista/HDD400MB or more
minimum - PentiumTM 3, 800 MHz/512 MB/HDD150 MB
recommended - PentiumTM 4, 1.4 GHz or higher/512 MB or more/HDD150 MB or moreОписание:MagicDraw является профессиональным инструментом визуального UML моделирования, а также инструментом CASE с поддержкой совместной работы. Teamwork Server - предназначен для работы группой разработчиков с одной моделью.New features in MagicDraw version 16.0
UML support
Latest UML 2.2 specification support. MagicDraw includes the following UML 2.2 specification changes:
By default Literal Unlimited Natural is used for the Weight property in the Activity Edge element in the Activity diagram.
Changed the following multiplicity: ComponentRealization::realizingClassifier : Classifier [1] to [1..*].
Deleted the Representation role from the Information Item end of the Association between Information Item and Classifier.
Added the Start Object Behavior Action support in the Activity diagram.
Added the Result property to the following element specification dialog boxes: Clear Structural Feature Action, Remove Structural Feature Value Action, Add Structural Feature Value Action, and Structural Feature Action.
Removed association between Classifier and Classifier Template Parameter.
UML Interaction Overview diagram support. The Interaction Overview diagram focuses on the overview of the flow of control between Interactions. It is based on the Activity diagram notation.
Instance modeling improvements.
Adornments on a Link. Ability to show role names and navigability on the link symbol.
Slot type can be optionally displayed on Instance or Part shapes.
Slot can be selected in a diagram. This allows the deletion of a slot straight from the diagram and to attach a note to a slot.
Displaying specification value on the Instance Specification symbol.
Region name on a State symbol. Region name can be optionally displayed on the State symbol on a diagram.
Improved saving of stereotype information in XMI. Ability to choose options where to save applied stereotype information in XMI file. Information can be saved at the end of the file or inside the element information.
Recommended Java version
Recommended version of Java runtime is changed to 1.6.0_10 in MagicDraw 16.0.
MagicDraw Welcome screen
The Welcome screen is displayed in the MagicDraw desktop when all projects are closed. It helps to manage projects, provides quick access to the product descriptions, samples, the latest news and updates.
MagicDraw News Reader
Information about the latest MagicDraw events is accessible via the new MagicDraw News Reader. News is accessible from the MagicDraw "Help" main menu.
Usability improvements
Hyperlinks creation from the element shortcut menu. Now hyperlinks can be created and edited straight from the element shortcut menu.
Value Specification support improvements:
Now you can create a standalone Value Specification in a model using the Browser shortcut menu.
Displaying Value Specifications in the Containment tree of the Browser.
Ability to assign Value Specifications to Tags.
Submitting a bug when application is unresponsive.
If MagicDraw becomes unresponsive, a separately executable tool is provided for analyzing the status of the process to aide in bug submission. In these situations, manually start the submitbug.exe file (located in the \bin folder) and follow directions.
Dynamically change heap size within application.
The java heap size may be changed directly in the out of memory "Error" dialog box.
Introducing invisible constraints.
A new capability to define invisible constraints has been introduced. To make a constraint invisible, apply the stereotype to the constraint. Invisible constraints may be used while creating validation constraints, in DSL customization, or in other modeling cases.
Diagramming improvements
Changing the diagram type. The diagram type may be changed to another type of diagram if both diagram types are compatible. Note: diagram elements are not converted.
Element creation from the diagram toolbar. A new shape or path can be created by dragging it from the toolbar to the diagram (click on diagram is not necessary).
Complete coverage mode for group selection. The "Complete coverage mode for group selection" button is added to the diagram toolbar. This mode allows the selection of exact parts of a diagram by selecting only elements that are completely covered.
Improved label layout in the diagram. The following label positions are improved for paths, relationship ends, and shapes:
Default label positions.
Label positions after using "Reset label positions" function.
Label positions after moving a path, shape, or related element.
Centerline support for "container" shapes; like Swimlanes or Structured Activities has been improved in the Activity diagram by fixing known bugs.
Model Merge improvements
Diagram merge improvements. It is now possible to merge diagram changes. Merged diagrams and symbols may be optionally highlighted after the merge for detailed reviewing.
Diagram difference viewer improvements.
Differences in diagrams are highlighted when opened from the Merge window.
Diagram printing from the diagram difference viewer.
Synchronized scrolling and zooming of changed corresponding diagrams from different contributors.
Improved readability of changes by grouping some low-level changes to more user-friendly ones.
The Show Auxiliary Resources button has been added at the top of the Merged Result tree to show or hide the profiles, modules with applied stereotype in the Merged Result tree (for example, UML Standard Profile).
Merge window user interface improvements:
The Merge window has been reorganized. The Change details panel is moved to another location and is now visible all the time.
Now the Specification and Change details panels can be displayed as floating windows or maximized so it is easier to analyze merged models.
Specification panel allows navigating to the referenced elements in the Merged Results tree.
Easier navigation from the original to the new location (and vice versa) for elements that have been moved.
DSL support improvements.
Model elements and their properties are displayed and merged using DSL rules, specified in MagicDraw DSL customization artifacts.
DSL improvements
Ability to group elements in the Containment tree shortcut menu, the "New Element" command, and provides the optional "category" in DSL customization.
Code Engineering improvements
Ability to enter rules that help to decide if an association or attribute must be created on reverse.
Sorting reversed classes according to the classpath.
Licensing information display
Information about installed or needed licenses and the status is presented in the MagicDraw About screen with the ability to remove unused licenses.
Teamwork server and SVN communication improvements
First time startup for Teamwork Server is twice as fast as previous versions.
Second time startup for Teamwork Server is five times as fast as previous versions.
Add, commit, and project opening times are twice as fast as previous versions of Teamwork server.
Export/Import to MOF.
This feature renews the MagicDraw metamodeling portfolio. MagicDraw is able to export/import the UML model into/from the MOF (both CMOF and EMOF) XMI format.
Oracle DDL improvements
Now the DDL generation is Velocity template based, thus the DDL generation can be customized.
The following Oracle support improvements are presented:
sequence, data type, grant, users, and role modeling are added;
syntax update to version 11g.
Integration with NetBeans
MagicDraw version 16.0 integrates with NetBeans 6.0 or 6.1. (NetBeans version 5.5 and older are not supported).
Integration with Mia-Studio.
Mia-Studio provides a MagicDraw plug-in for Mia-Generation. For more information see MDD Integration with Mia-Software.
Report Wizard improvements
New features and improvements in Report Wizard GUI:
Quick print.
New menu command to generate a report directly from the Tools menu.
Added new option to select any elements as the scope in a template.
New features and improvements in ODF Engine:
Added ODS/ODP bookmark support. You can use $bookmark tool to create a link to any element inside the document.
Added ODS #forpage support. You can generate multiple worksheet documents from this directive.
New features and improvements in Custom Tool:
JavaDoc Syntax Tool. A new built-in tool that provides the capability to parse the JavaDoc syntax into a report template.
New features and improvements in Web Publisher 2.0:
Added Flash multimedia player support. Any hyperlink to a multimedia file can be played directly within a generated web publisher 2.0 report.
Improved user interface and graphic library.
Automatic detection of local/server mode. Generated web page attempts to detect current web running mode between local/server. The option "server=true" is no longer used within this release.
New features and improvements in Built-in Template:
New set of built-in templates for the Use Case-Driven approach.
New features and improvements in Core Engine:
Improved HTML document converting to RTF/ODF. Added new element support e.g. Font, Code, TT, and many more. (See Report Wizard User Guide for complete references.)
Improved HTML document conversion to ODF. Added support for native bullet and numbering.
New features and improvements in Report Wizard command line:
Added new option to specify user defined variables.
New features and improvements in Microsoft Word template editor:
New user interfaces with improved usability.
Fixed several bugs.
Check New and Noteworthy section to see the detailed description of MagicDraw UML 16.0 features.


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