Wii Backup Manager 0.3.8 Build 60 x86+x64 [2011, RUS]

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Wii Backup Manager 0.3.8 Build 60
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2011
Версия: 0.3.8 Build 60
Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Совместимость с Vista: неизвестно
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Тестировалась: Pentium IV 3.7 ГГц, ОЗУ 4 Гб, MS Windows XP SP3 и Windows 7
Последнее обновление лучшего WBFS/FAT32/NTFS менеджера для Windows. Теперь программа умеет не только прожигать болванки, но загружать обложки для игр.
WBFS – формат используемый консолью Nintendo Wii
WBFS образ диска с игрой часто(НЕ ВСЕГДА!) имеет размер, в разы меньше, чем этот же образ игры в формате ISO, что позволяет: экономнее использовать место для хранения игр WII; экономия трафика и времени. Пример:
* Family Party: 30 Great Games - Winter Fun - 755Mb;
* Crazy chicken tales - 803Mb;
* Disaster: Day of crisis - 4,3Gb
Wii Backup Manager – программа позволяющая управлять файлами в формате WBFS
* Конвертировать WBFS - > ISO,равно как и ISO - > WBFS
* Форматировать USB носители для дальнейшего использования с Nintendo Wii
* Создание образов WBFS с оригинальных дисков
* Управление файлами WBFS – копирование, перенос, удаление и т.д.
* Запись игр сразу на DVD
* Загрузка обложек для игр - new!!!

Инструкция для записи на DVD диск

1. Скачиваем Wii Backup Manager
2. В папке WiiBackupManager запускаем файл WiiBackupManager.exe
2.a В настройках указываем скорость записи, и том DVD.
3. В окне программы жмем „Add“ – „Files“ и в проводнике выбираем скачанный файл с игрой
4. Ставим галочку в квадратике, перед именем игры
5. Жмём «Transfer» - «DVD..»
6. Жмем «ОК»

Инструкция по записи WBFS файлов на USB носитель (для запуска на WII c USB)

Внимание! Если ваш USB носитель уже отформатирован в WBFS формат, пропустите шаги 3 и 4!
1. Скачиваем Wii Backup Manager
2. В папке WiiBackupManager запускаем файл WiiBackupManager.exe
3. В окне программы жмем «Tools» - „Format drives“
4. Выбираем свой USB и жмем старт, подтверждаем „Yes“
5. Открываем вкладку „Drive 1“, жмем „Drive“ – ваше USB устройство
6. В окне программы жмем „Add“ – „Files“ и в проводнике выбираем скачанный WBFS файл
7. Ставим галочку в квадратике, перед именем игры
8. Жмём «Transfer» - «Drive 1», указываем папку куда сохранит ISO образ
9. Ждём, играем

Список изменений от версии 0.3.6 (eng):

0.3.8 build 60
|-fixed: A couple of names in the about box showed as question marks because my source code formatter didn't work with unicode characters. I works as it should now.
|-Fixed: Trailing backslashes are removed from paths in the settings.
|-Added: Empty or zero sized drives aren't shown in the format dialog.
|-Added: WBFS "virtual sector size" in format dialog, with a warning that it's not usable until we can get support for it in the cIOS.
|-Added: Only valid FAT32 cluster sizes are shown in the format dialog.
|-Changed: Default cover images from lustar.
|-Fixed: DVD write speed wasn't read correctly from the Settings.ini.
|-Added: Ignore critical errors with floppy drives, when there's no disk in the drive. Needs tested to make sure I've covered all the places where it can happen.
0.3.8 build 59
|-Fixed: Finally tracked down the duplicate drive bug, when a new drive was inserted.
|-Added: Disc info cache to speed up listing the contents of a "FAT" drive. The "disc.info" file is stored in the WBFS folder.
|-Changed: "Jobs" tab is now the "Downloads" tab.
|-Added: All downloaded covers are stored in the cache folder, so it's quicker to sync with different drives/loader configuration etc. Updating is possible too because they're stored by region and type.
|-Added: Preset cover configuration for popular USB loaders. Simply select the loader and your base cover folder. Certain cover types are disabled for the loader when it doesn't use them.
|-Changed: Names of the Covers menu items reflect the fact that they also sync the cover folders when the relevant options are set.
|-Added: Cover download functions can also delete files. eg. to sync the cover folders with a drive.
|-Fixed: FAT32 format "Sectors per FAT" calculation was wrong. Maybe the cause of the problems some people have been experiencing.
|-Added: Mini log in the format dialog. Everything seen there is also in the main log.
|-Added: FAT32 format checks that were in the original source. e.g. 32KB clusters are too large for a 2GB drive.
|-Fixed: NTFS formatting only worked for fixed disks. Now the media type is set from the drive geometry info so it should work with any drive type.
|-Fixed: Error when zero sized files were loaded, causing the thread to terminate and not list all the games.
|-Fixed: Writing CISO was broken...again.
|-Fixed: Jobs page wasn't translated.
|-Fixed: Some of the controls weren't resized with the settings dialog, causing long translated strings to be cut short.
0.3.7 build 58
|-Fixed: Sort by region column caused the app to hang when the language wasn't English.
|-Fixed: WBFS Disc Info Size wasn't calculated correctly since around build 56 or 57.
|-Fixed: Texture blending mode for covers. They were blending onto black, instead of the background.
|-Added: IOS version shown on all the lists.
|-Fixed: IOS version wasn't correct for all games. I was also reading the IOS for all partitions instead of just the data partition.
0.3.7 build 57 (debug)
|-Added: Untranslated strings are now at the end of the lang file. After translating some of them, run "Update language strings" again to reorganise everything.
|-Added: 2 version values in lang files. "Strings version" = contains all the strings for this version of WBM. "Translation version" = strings are translated up to this version. Translators should manually change this value to reflect the version they translated for. ie. After you translate the strings, "Translation version" should equal "Strings version".
|-Added: Wrote a file download class using WinInet. It's much more stable than anything else I tried. Now downloads can be paused, resumed and stopped on demand. The app can be safetly closed at any time too, without error. Use internet options in control panel to set a Proxy and delete the cache etc.
|-Changed: Stopped using the SVN version of fastmm, it causes errors in Delphi XE. Now using the Built in Delphi version.
|-Added: Jobs page to view and work with the job queue.
|-Changed: Rewrote the job queue system so it's threaded. (Rewrote it 4 times actually tongue.gif)
|-Fixed: Temp files weren't deleted when adding archives to the files page. The problem must've existed since changing to using the 7Zip DLL.
|-Fixed: Invalid date format when removing backup logs, causing the app to crash on start up.
0.3.7 build 56 (debug)
|-Fixed: Scene freeze when changing the cover display types with the OpenGL renderer.
|-Added: Version checks etc. for the renderers because sometimes they can initialise OK, but if the available API is too old then it can cause the app to hang.
|-Fixed: OpenGL renderer code. It should init OK now.
0.3.7 build 55 (debug)
|-Fixed: Fixed startup errors when no compatible 3D API was available (OpenGL/D3D)
|-Added: Application icon by NahuelDS. Thanks.
0.3.7 build 54 (debug)
|-Added: Invalid cover images are automatically deleted and re-downloaded when necessary.
|-Added: Column to show IOS version on the files page. I'll add it to others soon.
|-Added: %APP% tag that can be used in the temp and cover paths to make them relative to the app folder.
|-Added: Cover support. Download and display on the fly or use the menu to download missing covers. Plenty of options to customise how you want use it.
|-Fixed: When "Use mounted volumes only" is clicked in settings, any edited display names are saved before rebuilding the drive list.
|-Changed: Volumes and partitions use the display format "Drive (1:1)", where the numbers represent the disk/partition number.
|-Added: Support for disk partitions not recognised by Windows. See the entry below for an example of how this can happen..
|-Added: When formatting to WBFS, the partition type is updated in the MBR as 0x07 (PARTITION_IFS). If formatting from ext3 for example, the drive is much harder to detect in Windows. Changing to IFS even allows a drive letter to be assigned.
|-Added: GPT disk support in various functions, like the FAT32 format.
|-Fixed: Column data in the settings file caused an AV on startup. Something wasn't saving correctly since the move to Unicode. I worked round it by saving/loading a compressed version of the data.
|-Fixed: More translation stuff. Square brackets were getting removed and Radio buttons weren't translated.
|-Fixed: I totally rewrote the "Remove" menu functions. It was reported that there was an AV after removing discs from a WBFS drive, so the new code handles things differently.
|-Fixed: I was removing colons ":" from the langstrings.txt and language files when automatically updating the language strings.


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