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Elton John - Discography (41 Albums)
Страна: UK
Жанр: Pop
Год выпуска: 1969-2008
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps ВСЕ АЛЬБОМЫ!!!
Продолжительность: 39:21:49

1969 - Empty Sky

1-Empty Sky-08:28
3-Western Ford Gateway-03:13
4-Hymn 2000-04:27
5-Lady What's Tomorrow-03:08
7-The Scaffold-03:13
8-Skyline Pigeon-03:33
9-Gulliver/It's Hay Chewed/Reprise-06:58

1970 - Elton John

1-Your Song-04:03
2-I Need You To Turn To-02:33
3-Take Me To The Pilot-03:46
4-No Shoe Strings On Louise-03:31
5-First Episode At Hienton-04:48
6-Sixty Years On-04:35
7-Border Song-03:22
8-The Greatest Discovery-04:12
9-The Cage-03:28
10-The King Must Die-05:21
11-Bad Side Of The Moon (Bonus Track)-03:15
12-Grey Seal (Bonus Track)-03:36
13-Rock 'n' Roll Madonna (Bonus Track)-04:17

1971-Tumbleweed Connection

1-Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun-04:59
2-Come Down In Time-03:26
3-Country Comfort-05:07
4-Son Of Your Father-03:49
5-My Father's Gun-06:21
6-Where To Now St. Peter?-04:11
7-Love Song-03:42
9-Talking Old Soldiers-04:06
10-Burn Down The Mission-06:36
11-Into The Old Man's Shoes-04:03
12-Madman Across The Water (original version)-08:52


01-Bad Side Of The Moon-04:59
03-Take Me To The Pilot-05:54
04-Sixty Years On-07:22
05-Honky Tonk Women-04:07
06-Can I Put You On-06:10
07-Burn Down The Mission/My Baby Left Me/Get Back-18:26

1971 - Madman Across The Water

1-Tiny Dancer-06:19
3-Razor Face-04:44
4-Madman Across The Water-05:59
5-Indian Sunset-06:46
6-Holiday Inn-04:17
7-Rotten Peaches-04:58
8-All The Nasties-05:08

1972 - Honky Chateau

1-Honky Cat-05:12
3-I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself-03:35
4-Susie (Dramas)-03:26
5-Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)-04:41
9-Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters-05:00

1973 - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player

2-Teacher I Need You-04:09
3-Elderberry Wine-03:33
4-Blues For My Baby And Me-05:42
5-Midnight Creeper-03:53
6-Have Mercy On The Criminal-05:57
7-I'm Gonne Be A Teenage Idol-03:55
8-Texan Love Song-03:33
9-Crocodile Rock-03:56
10-High Flying Bird-04:27
11-Screw You (Young Man's Blues)-04:43
12-Jack Rabbit-01:49
13-Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)-02:51
14-Skyline Pigeon (Piano Version)-03:54

1973 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

1-Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)-11:09
2-Candle in the Wind-03:49
3-Bennie and The Jets-05:23
4-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-03:13
5-This Song Has No Title-02:23
6-Grey Seal-04:00
7-Jamaica Jerk-Off-03:39
8-I've Seen That Movie Too-05:58
9-Sweet Painted Lady-03:54
10-The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909-34)-04:23
11-Dirty Little Girl-05:01
12-All the Girls Love Alice-05:09
13-Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)-02:42
14-Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting-04:53
15-Roy Rogers-04:08
16-Social Disease-03:43

1974 - Caribou

1-The Bitch Is Back-03:45
4-Dixie Lily-02:55
5-Solar Prestige A Gammon-02:52
6-Your're So Static-04:53
7-I've Seen The Saucers-04:48
9-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me-05:36
11-Pinball Wizard-05:09
12-Sick City-05:23
13-Cold Highway-03:25
14-Step Into Christmas-04:32

1975 - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy

1-Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy-05:46
2-Tower of Babel-04:28
3-Bitter Fingers-04:33
4-Tell Me When the Whistle Blows-04:20
5-Someone Saved My Life Tonight-06:45
6-Gotta Get a Meal Ticket-04:01
7-Better Off Dead-02:37
9-We All Fall in Love Sometimes-04:12
11-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Bonus Track)-06:17
12-One Day at a Time (Bonus Track)-03:49
13-Philadelphia Freedom (Bonus Track)-05:24

1975 - Rock Of The Westies

1-Medley (Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly)-06:15
2-Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)-03:29
3-Island Girl-03:42
4-Grow Some Funk Of Your Own-04:47
5-I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)-05:27
6-Street Kids-06:25
7-Hard Luck Story-05:16
8-Feed Me-04:00
9-Billy Bones And The White Bird-04:40
10-Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Duet with Kiki Dee)-04:42

1976 - Blue Moves (2CD)

1-Your Starter For-01:23
3-One Horse Town-05:56
5-Boogie Pilgrim-06:05
6-Cage The Songbird-03:26
7-Crazy Water-05:42
8-Shoulder Holster-05:10
1-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word-03:49
2-Out Of The Blue-06:14
3-Between Seventeen And Twenty-05:17
4-The Wide-Eyed And Laughing-03:28
5-Someone's Final Song-04:10
6-Where's The Shoorah?-04:09
7-If There's A God In Heaven (What's He Waiting For?)-04:25
9-Theme From A Non-Existent TV Series-01:19
10-Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance!)-06:43

1976-Here & There (Live)

01-Live In London (intro)-
02-Skyline Pigeon-
03-Border Song-
04-Honky Cat-
05-Love Song-
06-Crocodile Rock-
07-Funeral For A Friend-
08-Love Lies Bleeding-
09-Rocket Man-
10-Bennie And The Jets

1978 - A Single Man

1-Shine On Through-03:43
2-Return To Paradise-04:14
3-I Don't Care-04:19
4-Big Dipper-04:02
5-It Ain't Gonna Be Easy-08:15
6-Part Time Love-03:15
8-Shooting Star-02:42
11-Song For Guy-06:37

1979-Victim Of Love

01-Johnny B.Goode
02-Warm Love In A Cold World-
03-Born Bad-
04-Thunder In The Night-
06-Street Boogie-
07-Victim Of Love

1980 - 21 at 33

1-Chasing the Crown-05:32
2-Little Jeanie-05:10
3-Sartorial Eloquence-04:45
4-Two rooms at the end of the world-05:41
5-White lady white powder-04:33
6-Dear God-03:45
7-Never gonna fall in love again-04:08
8-Take me back-03:52
9-Give me the love-05:22

1981 - The Fox

1-Breaking Down Barriers-04:42
2-Heart In The Right Place-05:12
3-Just Like Belgium-04:10
4-Nobody Wins-03:38
5-Fascist Faces-05:12
6-Carla Etude/ Fanfare/ Chloe-10:54
7-Heels Of The Wind-03:33
8-Elton's Song-03:02
9-The Fox-05:10

1982 - Jump Up!

1-Dear John-03:28
2-Spiteful Child-04:12
3-Ball & Chain-03:28
4-Legal Boys-03:08
5-I Am Your Robot-04:44
6-Blue Eyes-03:25
7-Empty Garden-05:07
9-Where Have All the Good Times Gone-03:59
10-All Quiet on the Western Front-06:00

1983 - Too Low For Zero

1-Cold As Christmas-04:20
2-I'm Still Standing-03:03
3-Too Low For Zero-05:47
5-I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues-04:42
7-Kiss The Bride-04:23
8-Whipping Boy-03:43
10-One More Arrow-03:34

1984 - Breaking Hearts

2-Slow Down Georgie-04:10
3-Who Wears These Shoes-04:03
4-Breaking Hearts-03:47
5-Il'l 'Frigerator-03:25
7-In Neon-04:21
8-Burning Buildings-04:02
9-Did He Shoot Her-03:21
10-Sad Songs-04:47

1985 - Ice On Fire

1-This Town-03:56
2-Cry To Heaven-04:16
3-Soul Glove-03:31
5-Too Young-05:13
6-Wrap Her Up-06:21
8-Tell Me What The Papers Say-03:40
9-Candy By The Pound-03:57
10-Shoot Down The Moon-04:54
11-Act Of War-04:43

1986-Leather Jackets

01-Crying In The Night-02:58
01-Leather Jackets
02-Hoop Of Fire
03-Don't Trust That Woman
04-Go It Alone
05-Gypsy Heart
06-Slow Rivers
07-Heartache All Over The World
09-Memory Of Love
11-I Fall Apart

1987-Live In Australia (Live)

01-Sixty Years On
02-I Need You To Turn To
03-The Greatest Discovery
05-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
06-The King Must Die-
07-Take Me To The Pilot-
08-Tiny Dancer-
09-Have Mercy On The Criminal-
10-Madman Across The Water-
11-Candle In The Wind-
12-Burn Down The Mission-
13-Your Song-
14-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

1988 - Ice On Fire

1-Town of Plenty-03:40
2-A Word In Spanish-04:39
3-Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Part Two)-04:12
4-I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That-04:35
5-Japanese Hands-04:40
6-Goodbye Marlon Brando-03:30
7-The Camera Never Lies-04:36
8-Heavy Traffic-03:30
9-Poor Cow-03:50
10-Since God Invented Girls-04:54
11-Rope Around a Fool-03:48
12-I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That (Shep Pettibone Mix)-07:16
13-I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That (Just Elton and His Piano Mix)-04:37
14-Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Part Two) (The Renaissance Mix)-06:19

1988-Reg Strikes Back

01-Town Of Plenty-03:40
02-A Word In Spanish-04:39
03-Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (part two)-04:12
04-I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That-04:35
05-Japanise Hands-04:40
06-Goodbye Marlon Brando-03:30
07-The Camera Never Lies-04:36
08-Heavy Traffic-03:30
09-Poor Cow-03:50
10-Since God Invented Girls-04:54
11-Rope Around A Fool (Bonustrack)-03:48
12-I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That (Shep Pettibone Mix) (Bonustrack)-07:16
13-I Don't Wanna Go On With You LikeThat (Just Elton &His Piano Mix) (Bonustrack)-04:37
14-Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two) (The Renaissance Mix) (Bonustrack)-06:19

1989 - Sleeping With The Past

1-Durban Deep-05:31
2-Healing Hands-04:19
4-Club At The End Of The Street-04:47
5-Sleeping With The Past-04:58
6-Stone's Throw From Hurtin'-04:54
8-I Never Knew Her Name-03:31
9-Amazes Me-04:39
10-Blue Avenue-04:18

1992 - The One

1-Simple Life-06:26
2-The One-05:53
3-Sweat It Out-06:38
4-Runaway Train-05:23
5-Whitewash County-05:30
6-The North-05:15
7-When A Woman Doesn't Want You-04:55
9-On Dark Street-04:43
10-Understanding Women-05:03
11-The Last Song-03:20

1992-Rare Masters (CD1)

01-I've Been Loving You-03:15
02-Here's To The Next Time-03:05
03-Lady Samantha-03:01
04-All Across The Havens-02:49
05-It's Me That You Need-04:00
06-Just Like Strange Rain-03:41
07-Bad Side Of The Moon-03:10
08-Rock And Roll Madonna-04:15
09-Grey Seal-03:32
11-Michelle's Song-04:18
13-Variation On Michelle's Song (a Day In The Country)-02:46
14-Can I Pput You On-05:54
15-Honey Roll-03:06
16-Variation On Friends-01:41
17-I Meant To Do My Work Today-01:34
18-Four Moods-11:00
19-Seasons Reprise-01:35

1992-Rare Masters (CD2)

01-Madman Across The Water-08:48
02-Into The Old Man's Shoes-03:58
03-Rock Me When He's Gone-04:59
05-Skyline Pigeon-03:49
06-Jack Rabbit-01:48
07-Whenever You're Ready-02:48
08-Let Me Be Your Car-04:50
09-Screw You-04:37
10-Step Into Christmas-04:26
11-Ho!ho!ho! Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas-04:01
12-Sick City-05:20
13-Cold Highway-03:22
14-One Day At A Time-03:44
15-I Saw Her Standing There-03:44
16-House Of Cards-03:05
18-Sugar On The Floor-04:26

1993 - Duets

1-Teardrops (Feat. K. D. Lang)-04:54
2-When I Think About Love (I Think About You) (Feat. P.M. Dawn)-04:34
3-The Power (Feat. Little Richard)-06:24
4-Shakey Ground (Feat. Don Henley)-03:51
5-True Love (Feat. Kiki Dee)-03:34
6-If You Were Me (Feat. Chris Rea)-04:25
7-A Woman's Needs (Feat. Tammy Wynette)-05:18
8-Old Friend (Feat. Nik Kershaw)-04:16
9-Go On And On (Feat. Gladys Knight)-05:50
10-Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Feat. RuPAUL)-05:00
11-Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (Feat. Marcella Detroit)-03:35
12-I'm Your Puppet (Feat. Paul Young)-03:36
13-Love Letters (Feat. Bonnie Raitt)-04:01
14-Born To Lose (Feat. Leonard Cohen)-04:33
15-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Feat. George Michael)-05:47
16-Duets For One (Elton John Solo)-04:51

1994-The Lion King (Soundtrack)

01-Carmen Twillie-Circle Of Life
02-Jason Weaver-I Just Can't Wait To Be King
03-Jeremy Irons-Be Prepared
04-Nathan Lane-Hakuna Matata
05-Joseph Williams-Can You Feel The Love Tonight
06-Hans Zimmer-This Land (Instrumental)
07-Hans Zimmer-... To Die For (Instrumental)
08-Hans Zimmer-Under The Stars (Instrumental)
09-Hans Zimmer-King Of Pride Rock (Instrumental)
10-Elton John-Circle Of Life
11-Elton John-I Just Can't Wait To Be King
12-Elton John-Can You Feel The Love Tonight (End Title)

1995 - Made in England

2-Made In England-05:09

1996 - Love Songs

1-Can You Feel The Love Tonight-04:02
2-The One-05:55
5-Someone Saved My Life Tonight-06:47
6-Your Song-04:03
7-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Duet With George Michael)-05:50
9-Blue Eyes-03:29
10-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word-03:50
12-Candle In The Wind-04:02
13-You Can Make History (Young Again)-04:56
14-No Valentines-04:11
15-Circle Of Life-04:50

1997 - The Big Picture

1-Long Way From Happiness-04:47
2-Live Like Horses-05:02
3-The End Will Come-04:52
4-If The River Can Bend-05:23
5-Love's Got A Lot To Answer For-05:02
6-Something About The Way You Look Tonight-05:08
7-The Big Picture-03:45
8-Recover Your Soul-05:18
10-I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You-04:10
11-Wicked Dreams-04:39

1999-Aida (Soundtrack)

01-Sting-Another Pyramid
02-Elton John and LeAnn Rimes-Written In The Stars
03-Tina Turner-Easy As Life
04-Spice Girls-My Strongest Suit
05-Elton John and Janet Jackson-I Know The Truth
06-Boyz II Men-Not Me
07-Shania Twain-Amneris' Letter
08-Elton John, Heather Headley and Sherrie Scott-A Step Too Far
09-Lenny Kravitz-Like Father Like Son
10-Heather Headley-Elaborate Lives
11-James Taylor-How I Know You
12-Elton John and Lulu-The Messenger
13-Kelly Price-The Gods Love Nubia
14-Dru Hill-Enchantment Passing Through
15-Rob Mounsey-Orchestral Finale

2000-One Night Only (Live)

01-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-
02-Philadelphia Freedom-
03-Don't Go Breaking My Heart-
04-Rocket Man-
05-Crocodile Rock-
07-Can You Feel The Love Tonight-
08-Bennie And The Jets-
09-Your Song (With Ronan Keating)-
10-Sad Songs (Say So Much) (With Bryan Adams)-
11-Candle In The Wind-
12-Saturday Night's Allright For Fighting (With Anastacia)-
13-I'm Still Standing-
14-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me-
15-I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (With Mary J. Blige)

2000-The Road To El Dorado (Soundtrack)

01-El Dorado-
02-Someday Out Of The Blue (Theme From El Dorado)-
03-Without Question-
04-Friends Never Say Goodbye-
05-The Trail We Blaze-
06-16th Century Man-
07-The Panic In Me-
08-It's Tough To Be A God (Duet with Randy Newman)-
09-Trust Me-
10-My Heart Dances-
11-Queen Of Cities-
13-The Brig-
14-Wonders Of The New World-

2001 - Songs From The West Coast

1-The Emperor's New Clothes-04:28
2-Dark Diamond-04:26
3-Look Ma, No Hands-04:22
4-American Triangle-04:49
5-Original Sin-04:49
7-I Want Love-04:35
8-The Wasteland-04:21
9-Ballad Of The Boy In The Red-04:52
10-Love Her Like Me-03:58
12-This Train Don't Stop There-04:39

2004 - Peachtree Road

1-Weight of the World-03:58
2-Porch Swing in Tupelo-04:38
3-Answer in the Sky-04:03
4-Turn the Lights Out When You Leave-05:02
5-My Elusive Drug-04:12
6-They Call Her the Cat-04:27
7-Freaks in Love-04:32
8-All that I'm Allowed-04:52
9-I Stop and I Breathe-03:39
10-Too Many Tears-04:14
11-It's Getting Dark in Here-03:50
12-I Can't Keep this From You-04:34

2006 - The Captain & The Kid

1-Postcards from Richard Nixon-05:15
2-Just Like Noah's Ark-05:33
3-Wouldn't Have You Any Other Wa-04:38
5-And the House Fell Down-04:48
6-Blues Never Fade Away-04:45
7-The Bridge-03:38
8-I Must Have Lost It on the Win-03:53
9-Old 67-04:01
10-The Captain & The Kid-05:01

2007 - Rocket Man (The Definitive Hits)

1-Bennie And The Jets-05:23
2-Philadelphia Freedom-04:59
4-Rocket Man (I Think Its Going To Be A Long Long Time)-04:42
5-I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues-04:42
6-Tiny Dancer-06:16
7-Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me-05:37
8-I Want Love-04:35
9-Candle In The Wind-03:49
10-Crocodile Rock-03:55
11-Im Still Standing-03:01
12-Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting)-04:54
13-Your Song-04:00
14-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word-03:48
16-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-03:14
18-Are You Ready For Love-03:31

2008-Deluxe Edition (CD1)

01-Your Song-04:04
02-I Need You To Turn To-02:33
03-Take Me To The Pilot-03:46
04-No Shoe Strings On Louise-03:31
05-First Episode At Hienton-04:48
06-Sixty Years On-04:36
07-Border Song-03:22
08-The Greatest Discovery-04:12
09-The Cage-03:27
10-The King Must Die-05:07

2008-Deluxe Edition (CD2)

01-Your Song (Demo Version)-03:35
02-I Need You To Turn To (Piano Demo)-02:12
03-Take Me To The Pilot (Piano Demo)-02:36
04-No Shoe Strings On Louise (Piano Demo)-03:33
05-Sixty Years On (Piano Demo)-04:22
06-The Greatest Discovery (Piano Demo)-03:58
07-The Cage (Piano Demo)-03:22
08-The King Must Die (Piano Demo)-05:24
09-Rock And Roll Madonna (Piano Demo)-03:12
10-Thank You Mama (Piano Demo)-03:21
11-All The Way Down To El Paso (Piano Demo)-02:50
12-I'm Going Home (Piano Demo)-03:05
13-Grey Seal (Piano Demo)-03:20
14-Rock And Roll Madonna (Incomplete Band Demo)-02:55
15-Bad Side Of The Moon-03:13
16-Grey Seal-03:36
17-Rock And Roll Madonna-04:18
18-Border Song (BBC Session With Hookfoot)-03:21
19-Your Song (BBC Session)-04:01
20-Take Me To The Pilot (BBC Session)-03:33

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