(Cabaret) Dakh Daughters - Дискография, 2 альбома - 2016-2019, MP3, 320 kbps

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Dakh Daughters / Дискография

Жанр: Cabaret
Страна исполнителя (группы): Украина
Год издания: 2016-2019
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps



2016 - IF [00:49:24]

01. Cactus (04:20)
02. Lyudyna (05:45)
03. If (07:10)
04. Vi'zmy (05:20)
05. Papirosy (06:03)
06. Sept Verres (04:13)
07. Oh God (07:29)
08. Cuba (03:29)
09. LMD (05:35)

2019 - Air [00:44:56]

01. Inshe Misto (05:53)
02. Yaponske Kino (05:54)
03. O, Panno Inno! (04:48)
04. Pisnia Pro Te, Yak Vona Vykhodyt Na Krutuiu Horu (13:47)
05. Shcho Ty Sobi Dumaiesh? (03:11)
06. Pannochka (06:55)
07. M'yach (04:28)

Об исполнителе (группе)

Seven actresses took musical instruments into their hands in order to create life-affirming performance about love, freedom and beauty which at the end of the day – will save the world.�Already well known to the public as actresses of the DAKH Theatre in Kyiv, band members ended up on neutral ground in between musical genre and dramatic art, in the right experimentally-creative space.�Dakh Daughters create an atmosphere of a French saloon, where Mireille Mathieu befriends Marilyn Manson. On occasion, armed with full set of strings, keyboards and percussions, the women shake the audience with a roar in the manner of Laibach, but can swiftly change anger for kindness, turning into fun-loving Hollywood beauties of the 1950’s that dream of tropical vacation in the Caribbean.�This unbelievably unique group is ideologically related to the English band – The Tiger Lillies, which has the capability of hyperbolizing characters and involving the public in funny intellectual shows. Song lyrics of these semi-fairytale fairies are based on classical Ukrainian poetry, Nobel-prize winners, their own works and fragments of popular hits of the past. Thanks to their experience, the Dakh Daughters can easily manipulate the emotions of the audience, changing the rhythm from slow to fast to pausing in the right places at the right time. Together with their audience they create rock-operas demonstrating the desire to not only find new forms of popular music but also develop the context needed for today’s world.�Being one with the rhythm of time, enjoying the creative moment and accumulating their own energy, the Dakh Daughters develop a space of enormous love around them, breaking the walls of boring routines…

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